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Shelby Povlick – Senior Portraits Part One

It’s finally here! My sister-in law is a SENIOR!
I feel as though I have been planning her senior session forever and yet somehow it all happened over night. 
Either way this is a very special session for me because I have used Miss Shelby as my  model for the last few years. I’ve put her on rail road tracks, dragged her out in the freezing cold and she’s done so willingly smiling all the while. It’s been fun! But finally we’re doing a session that is all her own and I’m so ecstatic to be capturing this exciting time of her life as she complete’s her senior year of high school.
Recently a cousin of ours was getting married out of town and so we took advantage and used the beautiful coastal area to capture some beach shots for the beginning of Shelby’s senior portraits.
We got up very early and drove, along with my brother in-law and husband down to Calvert State Park and hiked the most grueling 1.8 miles I have ever trekked in my entire life. It wasn’t the terrain that made this hike torturous, the trail was very well kept and it was a fairly level path, it was the inhabitants on the trail on the other hand that made that hike the longest 1.8 miles of my life. BUGS! KILLER BUGS! Attacked and swarmed us the entire trail. Biting and buzzing and covering our limbs the entire hike out to the cliffs! My arms look like something out the times of the plagues, covered in big red welts from our experience.  But it was all worth it in the end!  
Calvert State Park is stunning.
So bugs and all it was well worth it! Without further ado here are some shots from the day. 
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Later this week: Jon’s senior pictures.