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Jared’s Senior Pictures – Take One!

See that kid there on the left?
That ‘s my “baby” cousin Jared circa 2007.  Granted he’s not a baby in that picture nor is he a baby any longer but he was my first baby cousin. I remember playing ball with him on the floor with him at our grandparent’s house (when all he could say was ball) and now he’s the Captain of the soccer team and trying out for college teams. Where did all that time go?
photocrati gallery

Either way, I’ll stop my embarrassing musing. (It’s what us older cousins do best after all.)

I’m so excited to see ‘the places you’ll go‘ as you start this exciting new chapter in your life. Here’s a few shots from the other night before we had to call the session due to rain.

photocrati gallery

That’s all for now! I’ll post another preview after our rain date.

If you know a member of the class of 2014 who needs their senior portraits taken, perhaps they would be interested in our Senior Rep program.
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Obviously, this is an exceptional opportunity to have your portraits taken by Kensington Photography AND save a TON of money on your senior portraits. All we ask of you is that you help promote our work to your friends and classmates by handing out your cards and fliers to everyone that needs their picture taken. Our REP program is limited based on the number of students per school.This offer is available for a limited time. If you wish to become a rep for Kensington Photography we recommend that you contact the studio immediately to determine if openings are still available.
Please contact me