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Happy June!

I have been looking forward to June for a very long while because….

We’re doing our first fair!
Kensington Photography will be at New Kensington Volunteer Fire Department’s Community Days during June 20th-22nd!
I’m so excited and yet very busy all at the same time because June came far to quickly!
So if you’re coming to community days please stop by and say hi!

Also coming up this month I’m planning on doing a lot of “how to” blogs about weddings photography and the fair so keep an eye out for those!

If you have a  upcoming event or would like more information about Kensington Photography portrait sessions please contact us for more information. 

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Prom Season: 2014

It’s that time of year again!
For cray-paper and taffeta, glitter and puffy dresses all to be muttered with the phrase “in season” and it to be accepted for one night and one night only!
It’s Prom!

I love prom!
I love the big dresses and sparkly eye-shadow.
I love the slow jams and the twinkling lights!
It was one night. But it was the night where anything could happen in my mind.

(Me on the right at my Junior Prom)

And while nothing really out of the ordinary happened at Prom for me I guess my most cherished memories from this time of year are the things that happened while getting ready for Prom…
Being part of the decorating committee.
My parents allowing me to skip school to go with my friends to the nearest large town (Altoona) for dresses.
The arguments I had with my Mom over what she and what I thought I should wear.
The stress over just asking a guy to the Prom. (Asking a person to prom was stressful enough without the addition of flash-mobs, glee club serenades and whatever else you crazy youngsters do now a days!)
And finally there was the excitement of the day itself!

But enough about me and my cheesy nostalgia.
Let’s get to the pictures!

Prom 2014!
This year I had the pleasure of capturing two different proms!

First up was Shelby and Jonah for Apollo Ridge’s Prom!

Blog Collage-1400246087970.jpg
(After years of my begging AND pleading AND whining AND annoying – Shelby finally got a puffy dress!!!)

And then we had Stevanakelly and her date  Mike for Plum High School’s Prom!

Blog Collage-1400514718421.jpg
(This is Stevanakelly’s blog debut! Yay!)

It was so much fun getting to share the evening with both of these wonderful girls!

Blog Collage-1400516863376.jpg

I hope their proms were as magical and memorable as my proms were.

Coining up: Neil’s 3 month portrait session with big brother Liam!

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Jacob – Penn Hills High School

Is it spring yet?
As much as I love winter shoots I am sooo ready for the colors of spring to start appear!  Especially after the random 60 degree day we had in the middle of February! (Crazy Pittsburgh weather!)

Jacob was my first senior of 2014! He along with his family were such a pleasure to work with. We chatted about the many activities that Jacob loves doing (like stage crew and marching band just to name a few) Jacob plans to attend my alma marter the University of Pittsburgh (Hail to Pitt) in the fall and join the marching band there as well.

Enjoy some previews from Jacob’s session!

It’s never to late (nor early – I’m looking at you class of 2015) to book your Senior session!
Contact me for more information about booking your Senior session.


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2013: A Year in Review

Recently I’ve noticed that all of my favorite social media applications are doing “Your Year In Review” features, asking me to review my year in colorful pictures, major life events and random statuses that garnered a lot of attention in the year 2013.

So I thought it would be fun to look back on the year that was…

Some highlights for me in 2013 were…
I shot on a beach for the first time ever!
I got to work with horses again. Which is something I used to love about my first photography job and have missed doing.
I got to do my first photography shoot out of state.
Revamped my website! (Thanks to my hubby for that!)
My Facebook page has almost has 100 likes after being in the lower thirties at the beginning of the year!
I shot a wedding without a second shooter which was daunting but a great experience.
I had the honor of being asked to photograph a charity event for Step by Step which was incredible.
And I tripled the size of my portfolio which is awesome!

I want to thank all of you for your support and business over the last year.
I have loved being a part of and capturing your memories and look forward to working with all of you again.
Have a safe and blessed 2014!


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Ally Mohan – Senior Portraits

Each and every senior session comes with its own unique personality and flare.
And this post’s senior is no exception. This is Ally and I had the pleasure of working with her and her Mom last Saturday.

I loved capturing Ally’s fun personality and beautiful smile.


Next Post..
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with some very fun family portraits taken back in my hometown in Central, Pa!

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McConnells Mill State Park – Senior Portriats

I love finding new places to photograph clients and a fellow photographer friend suggested McConnells Mill to me because of my love for covered bridges. I have been looking forward to using this location for a long time and recently I made not one but TWO trips out there to complete Shelby and Jared’s senior sessions!
Let’s just say this will not be my last time out there, the location is a photographers dream with lots of fantastic nooks and crannys to explore.
You can preview some of their shots below!

Coming up….
Ally’s senior session

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Jared’s Senior Pictures – Take One!

See that kid there on the left?
That ‘s my “baby” cousin Jared circa 2007.  Granted he’s not a baby in that picture nor is he a baby any longer but he was my first baby cousin. I remember playing ball with him on the floor with him at our grandparent’s house (when all he could say was ball) and now he’s the Captain of the soccer team and trying out for college teams. Where did all that time go?


Either way, I’ll stop my embarrassing musing. (It’s what us older cousins do best after all.)

I’m so excited to see ‘the places you’ll go‘ as you start this exciting new chapter in your life. Here’s a few shots from the other night before we had to call the session due to rain.


That’s all for now! I’ll post another preview after our rain date.

If you know a member of the class of 2014 who needs their senior portraits taken, perhaps they would be interested in our Senior Rep program.
Senior Reps are students who represent Kensington Photography in exchange for credits toward the cost of their own senior portraits. It is possible for a rep to save hundreds of dollars on the cost of their own senior portraits by referring their friends and classmates to our studio for senior portraits. As a REP you receive a FREE photo session in August or September, from which we will print photo cards of you to give out to your friends and classmates. We will also provide brochures from the studio to help you show your friends the quality of our work. When your friends or classmates have their senior portraits done and place their print orders at Kensington Photography, we ask them who referred them. When they give your name, a $20 credit is applied to your account for each referral to the studio. This referral credit applies directly toward the cost of your own senior portraits. For example, suppose you refer five friends to Kensington…you will receive a $20 credit for each friend, for a total of $100 credit toward your own pictures! So, the more people you refer the more credits you get for your own pictures. As a REP, your regular senior portrait photo session will be FREE if completed before October 1, 2013.
Obviously, this is an exceptional opportunity to have your portraits taken by Kensington Photography AND save a TON of money on your senior portraits. All we ask of you is that you help promote our work to your friends and classmates by handing out your cards and fliers to everyone that needs their picture taken. Our REP program is limited based on the number of students per school.This offer is available for a limited time. If you wish to become a rep for Kensington Photography we recommend that you contact the studio immediately to determine if openings are still available.
Please contact me

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From the cliffs of Maryland to the riverside banks of the ‘Kiski River’

 Every senior session is as unique and wonderful as the senior as I am capturing. This week I had the pleasure of working with Jon who was up for anything and wanted to climb up and on everything in sight! Including a very high rail road bridge very early Saturday morning!

On a rail road bridge by a camp site that I’ve been dreaming of using for a shoot for a long time.

But despite all those dreams I seemed to forget somewhere along the line that the bridge, was rather high off the ground. While I am not afraid of heights…I am afraid of falling…from a very high bridge. Did I happen to mention that we were on a very high bridge? I had to keep reminding myself that if this bridge can hold a train surely it can hold two people, even if one of them is a klutz. That is afraid of falling… off a really high bridge.

But enough about me.

Jon was very fun to work with. He went along with any and all of my suggestions and even made some suggestions of his own, which always makes a session fun. He had a great smile and a great sense of humor. When capturing seniors I often try to capture several different emotions (serious, happy, softer smiles etc) but no matter my suggestions the best look for Jon was by far his smile. Which speaks volumes about a person. Thanks for allowing me to capture your senior pictures Jon.
Here’s a few shots from the day.

(This is one of my favorites)

Coming up next Sam’s two little cuties!

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Shelby Povlick – Senior Portraits Part One

It’s finally here! My sister-in law is a SENIOR!
I feel as though I have been planning her senior session forever and yet somehow it all happened over night. 
Either way this is a very special session for me because I have used Miss Shelby as my  model for the last few years. I’ve put her on rail road tracks, dragged her out in the freezing cold and she’s done so willingly smiling all the while. It’s been fun! But finally we’re doing a session that is all her own and I’m so ecstatic to be capturing this exciting time of her life as she complete’s her senior year of high school.
Recently a cousin of ours was getting married out of town and so we took advantage and used the beautiful coastal area to capture some beach shots for the beginning of Shelby’s senior portraits.
We got up very early and drove, along with my brother in-law and husband down to Calvert State Park and hiked the most grueling 1.8 miles I have ever trekked in my entire life. It wasn’t the terrain that made this hike torturous, the trail was very well kept and it was a fairly level path, it was the inhabitants on the trail on the other hand that made that hike the longest 1.8 miles of my life. BUGS! KILLER BUGS! Attacked and swarmed us the entire trail. Biting and buzzing and covering our limbs the entire hike out to the cliffs! My arms look like something out the times of the plagues, covered in big red welts from our experience.  But it was all worth it in the end!  
Calvert State Park is stunning.
So bugs and all it was well worth it! Without further ado here are some shots from the day. 

Later this week: Jon’s senior pictures. 


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