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BTS: Behind The Shot

In this series I want to showcase what goes into the creative process behind some of my favorite shots.
I recently posted this preview on my Facebook page from Scott and Genny’s wedding a few weeks ago.

The wedding was taking place at Luke and Mike’s Front Porch in Aspinwall and portraits were to take place prior to the service so there wasn’t much time to go offsite for bridal party portraits.

The day before the ceremony I went down to Aspinwall to see what I could find near the venue.


Keeping in mind the light at the time of the portraits the next day I kept an eye open for places where I could control that light as well as find places to create unique portraits for the bride and groom to treasure for years to come.

I found this gray wall between two businesses. I liked the texture of this wall and the contrasting white brick wall on the other side (which you can see in the final photo) the combination of the two made a nice frame.


(I’m not sure why my blog has chosen to load this image sideways but it has)

I’m always looking for a unique way to frame poses or an peculiar angle that will draw the eye to the portrait. I’ll do this sometimes with a tree line, an out of focused object perhaps in the foreground or the angle in which I pose people. I want manipulate the eye to this beautiful or special moment in time.

And I can’t think of a more special time to frame then the love between two people and their friends on their wedding day.

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How To: What to Wear

The #1 question I get asked is:  “What should I wear for portraits?”
Here are some tips that I tell my clients as to what to wear for your portraits.

My favorite combinations are:
White tops with jeans or khakis
Black tops with jeans or khakis

The look is classic and easy to put together or acquire (without breaking the bank ) and most likely you might already have these items in your closet.


Just note as with all of these suggesting, no matter what you have on top, your bottoms should always be the same. So if you’re wearing jeans – everyone is wearing some sort of jean bottom (mixing in skirts, pedal pushers or shorts are a-ok!). The same for khakis!


Concerned about perhaps the extra weight that cameras can sometimes add to you in photos? There’s a reason the little black dress has been every woman’s best friend since the dawn of time. Stick to black or dark colors as they are complimentary to all shapes and sizes. (This goes for men as well as women)

If you want to wear colors in your photos my advice is to either stick to one color family or to color block. Just remember with color that a little can go a long way in portraits!

Sticking to one color family: Pick one color and everyone wears a different shade of it. Remember to coordinate all bottoms and accessories.
Color blocking: The examples below this are perfect examples of color blocking. Pick 1-3 colors at most and have everyone wear varying shades or combinations of those.


At the end of the day though the best advice that I can give a client about what to wear in a portrait is make sure that when you look in the portrait you see you. Is your family made up of die-hard Steelers fans? Then wear your black and gold with pride to your session! Does your family dress in theme every year for Halloween? Then celebrate that with a creative portrait session. Time goes by in a blink of an eye its important to stop and remember that time and the best way to do that is with a portrait that can be treasured for all of time.


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Happy June!

I have been looking forward to June for a very long while because….

We’re doing our first fair!
Kensington Photography will be at New Kensington Volunteer Fire Department’s Community Days during June 20th-22nd!
I’m so excited and yet very busy all at the same time because June came far to quickly!
So if you’re coming to community days please stop by and say hi!

Also coming up this month I’m planning on doing a lot of “how to” blogs about weddings photography and the fair so keep an eye out for those!

If you have a  upcoming event or would like more information about Kensington Photography portrait sessions please contact us for more information. 

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